Eliza's Tips on Looking Amazing for Christmas

As we draw a close to Summer and welcome in Autumn, we are faced with the daunting fact, like every year - Christmas is just weeks away!

Just like every year, we make plans - “I’m going to look amazing for the holiday season!” But, before we know it, the tree is up and we are stuffing our face. Yep, let’s all be honest, we start gorging on bad treats way before the big man comes down the chimney.

But, what if things could be different this year? What if you could finally welcome in the Christmas season looking better than you’ve ever looked? Well, in this article I’m going to give you 4 proven tips on how to stay focused on doing just that!


Drink water before every meal

Let’s start with one of the most simple - yet effective - methods and it’s basically drinking water. Studies have shown that, if we sip water regularly throughout the day, we will not only flush out excess water from our body, it will also curb our appetite, meaning we won’t find ourselves with our hands in the biscuit tin as often.


Add some natural diuretics to your diet

What the heck is a natural diuretic I hear you ask? Don’t worry, it’s not as technical as it sounds. It’s simply a number of herbs and fruits you can add to your diet plan, which will help flush your body of toxins and speed up your metabolism at the same time.

You don’t need a lab or anything to source them! They’re easily found in our supermarket. I’d recommend adding things like green tea, watermelon and celery to your food plan. This will help keep the bloat at bay too!


Don’t buy a dress that doesn’t fit!

I’ve heard many ladies do this in the past and I totally understand the reasoning behind it…

“I’ll buy a dress two sizes too small, so then I HAVE to fit into it by Christmas!”

It sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? But it’s not. What if you don’t lose two dress sizes in by Christmas but end up toning up and adding muscle? What if you lose more than two dress sizes?! 

Wait until a week before your target date and THEN go and purchase your dress. Your body will change in ways you didn’t expect, so, you might find a dress you love now, which will look completely different in a few months time.

Don’t worry, we will shop that sexy number nearer the time.


Join my 12-week program

A helping hand is always great for motivation, when it comes to sticking to a long term goal. There are so many temptations along the way! Not only that, if you don’t have the right plan in place, you may go weeks without seeing much change.

So, I’ve created a 12-week transformation plan, which will guarantee you see results before Christmas. It includes both workout and nutritional plan and if you sign up today, you’ll get a special early bird discount - click here to see what it’s all about. What do you have to lose?


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