4 Tips for Keeping Your Child Cool this Summer

This summer, we’ve seen some record highs when it comes to heatwaves! As lovely as the weather is and our bronzed skin, it still comes with precautions - especially for babies. So, how do you keep your baby cool during the summer heatwave? In this article, I’m going to give you 5 proven tips to keep your child cool during hot days.


Hydration is a must!

In the summer heat, we go through fluid-loss, which is why we drink more. Babies and infants are much more sensitive to this than adults. Just losing small amounts of fluids can be severe for youngsters.

There are early warning signs of dehydration - the obvious being feeling thirsty, lightheaded and your child having having concentrated, strong-smelling urine.

The simple solution is to ensure your child drinks plenty of water. If you're breastfeeding you won’t need to give them water as well as breast milk, but you may find your baby is thirstier and wants to breastfeed more than usual.

If your child is already eating solid foods, I’d recommend opting for cooled boiled water throughout the day as well as their usual feeds.   


Nappy-free time!

An added welcome for your child, during the heat, will be nappy-free periods. This will help your child feel much more comfortable and help bare the heat. It will also help to stop rashes flaring up, as nappies make lock sweat into the creases of the legs. 

Remember, it’s about making your child comfortable. A simple moisture matt can suffice while they’re enjoying some nappy-free moments - just in case!


Keep them shaded

Canopies can become god-sends - well, at least some of them. You may find a few which barely give any shade at all! If you’re unfortunate enough to have a stroller canopy, which doesn’t cover enough of your child, you can invest in a canopy extender. These will help keep your child shaded and cool during your outdoor trips!


Make your pram cooler!

A great little trick to make your child’s pram cooler is by adding what I like to call and Ice sandwich. To do this, simply get two bottles of water and freeze them overnight. Then, when you’re ready to head out on your journey, take the two frozen bottles, wrap them with a hand towel and place one on each side of your child in the pram. 

This will be sure to make a much cooler experience for your little one. Just one tip - only fill up the bottles to half way to avoid them bursting in your freezer!


Final Thought

Yes the summer months are hot for us all, but for your child it’s much more tougher. By following the steps I’ve provided, your little one will enjoy summer that little bit more! Please feel free to pop down to my Buggyfit classes in Wandsworth and Tooting and we can talk even more about it!


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